U.S. EXPANSION.. KIT SPECIAL $19.95 offer through MAY!!! I would love to come do a show for you if you live within a couple hours of Bloomington, IL! If not,
would you like to do a catalog show? I can send you a hostess packet and you can show the catalog
to your friends and family, take a few orders ant you will earn clothes for FREE!! Just by hosting a show with
me this can choose any 1 item of your choice for 70% off!! This is in addition to all the other amazing hostess rewards:) Did you know that our hostesses earn 15% of their party sales in FREE CLOTHES??
PLUS…for every $200 in sales…as a hostess you can choose 1 item for 50% off AND…for every person that
says they will book a show off of yours…you get a 70% off item for each booking!!

So if you are looking to expand your wardrobe without spending a lot..Host a show or catalog show and start making out your wishlist! 🙂


We are laying the foundation for expansion here in the US and are looking for key people to take the lead!
JOCKEY P2P is offering our starter kit for only $19.9 until the end of May..The kit typically sells for $199 which is still a FABULOUS deal considering you get over $600 worth of clothing and over $60 worth of business supplies which includes everything you need to get started!

PLUS…You also get 10 items of your choice and size for 50% off during your 1st 30 days!!

The May SPECIAL is $19.95…which is typically the shipping for the kit. If you sell $1200 during your 1st FULL CALENDAR month…(end of JUNE) then you do not pay anything more! If you do not sell the $1200 …you will simply be billed the $199..which is still a fantastic deal for all of that!

Now you are probably saying…”ooohh..$1200 that’s a lot..I couldn’t do that”…WRONG!! Our average party is $500-$600…and has 6-8 guests. If you are serious about giving the business a try. and want to earn your kit for free… I will tell you how to do it.

Sign up through my website…go to
in the promotion code box…enter $19.95 kit
My ID is 156643

While you are waiting on your kit to arrive….

1. Right away look at your calendar and pick a date for your announcement party. I would schedule 4 dates and that way you can have your guests choose which date would work for them.

2. Call your friends and family…tell them what you are doing..ask them if you could come over with you kit and show them and a handful of your friends. You will ideally want to have 6-8 dates on your calendar during your smart start period..

ONCE your Kit arrives….show everyone and tell everyone! Ask everyone to come to your announcement party or book a show within your smart sat art period. **Order any 1/2 off items (remember you can get 10) so you can wear the clothing and also have some more for people to see.

3. At your announcement party remember…you are not only the consultant but you will also be the hostess!!! ITS A WIN WIN!!!! Sooo, you not only get all the hostess rewards for you…but you make the $$ on the party too!!! So if for example you had a $600 show…you would make $150 too!!!

*** I personally love what JOCKEY P2P has done with this promotion…it is made specifically to give anyone interested in giving the business a try, an opportunity to do it for only $19.95. I personally paid $199 for mine as I did not have this terrific offer and I thought $199 was a great deal for everything you get! This promotion has really given women the opportunity to go out and get started and own their own businesses for very little cost and I’m glad they we are able to offer it at that price.

If you would like to hear more about the opportunity to join me here at JOCKEY me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as give you the support and guidance you need to help you build a successful business with Jockey P2P!


Thinking of Starting your own business with JOCKEY P2P?


I’m so happy that JOCKEY P2P is offering the promotion! I thought it was a great deal for $199 back when I started but for $19.95?? WOW!!! You get the kit which contains over $600 of clothes..and over $60 of business supplies PLUS you can choose up to 10 items at 50% off ..PLUS you make 25% of everything you sell right away…Wonderful! Thanks JOCKEY!!

I’m looking for smart, savvy women that would love to join me as we lay the foundation for our expansion here in the US! It’s a good time and place to be at JOCKEY P2P and I’m here to help anyone get started..
“What JOCKEY did for underwear…they are now doing for smart casual fashions.”

Contact me to hear more about the opportunity.

Looking for smart savvy women to help lead the expansion here in the US!

Jockey Person to Person is JOCKEY’s new direct to consumer division! JOCKEY has enjoyed over 134 years of success and they bring you
JOCKEY PERSON TO PERSON, a line of women’s clothing with the same comfort and quality that the JOCKEY brand is famous for. The line
is currently in CANADA and is expanding here in the US. I’m looking for smart savvy women that would like to join me as we lay the foundation
for our expansion in the U.S. JOCKEY PERSON TO PERSON offers women of every size and shape the “perfect fit”. The line ranges in size from XS-3X
and offers short/tall pant lengths. The entire line is designed to be extremely versatile and comfortable while also following the latest trends in fashion and
using easy care fabrics.

Today’s woman is always on the go-from carpool lines, to afternoon meetings and dinner parties, and JOCKEY PERSON to PERSON’s talented designers
studied the latest trends to create looks that can carry a busy woman from day to night, and all the moments in between.

I would love to share more about the opportunity to become a comfort specialist with JOCKEY PERSON TO PERSON. We offer one of THE BEST compensation plans
in the direct-selling industry as well as THE BEST hostess rewards program.

To find out more or join my team,visit my website:
(SPECIAL PRICING …$19.95 to get started only through May)

FACEBOOK fan page:
TWITTER: @JockeyJennifer

Our Best-Selling Convertible Cardigan and the MANY ways to wear it!

This is the modal convertible cardigan that everyone is talking about from Jockey Person to Person! It is the one that was featured on the TODAY show last week in the segment “How to dress like Kate Middleton”. This cardigan is not only versatile and machine washable, but it is so soft and comfortable. Here are just some of the many ways you can wear it.


MLM Compensation Plans for Stay at Home Moms

I didn’t believe it a year ago…Now I sure do:) It is possible…believe me!

MLM Compensation Plans for Stay at Home Moms.

New Business, New Blog……I’m not sure how to blog but I’m trying..

Well…why not venture out once again in to unfamiliar territory?!  I’ve been a stay at home mom for over 14 years  and I LOVE it!! A friend of mine asked me last year to come over and look at some clothes..she said they had ‘talls’..Well, I went over and she picked out some things for me and I took them home…I wore them all the time!! They were so comfortable and sooo me! She called me up and asked if I wanted to help bring this line of clothing to our town in Bloomington, IL after she saw it in Kansas while visiting her cousin.”Well, sure!” I said…not really having any idea what I was getting myself into…little did I know I would make $$$ and receive recognition from  the company and some of the brightest, hippest business women I have ever met! I even won an all expense paid cruise and I get to take my husband!! It’s been a fun year…and I get to go out in the evenings and weekends, meet new and exciting ladies…while my husband watches the kids and I make money! What a fabulous ride it has been working for the fabulous company, Jockey Person to Person!